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Meet The Sugar Florist

Rebecca Headshot.png

The Sugar Florist is an online Flower business that uses the art of sugar sculpture and confectionary, to create a unique and magical experience to gift to the ones in your life most meaningful. Every rose and flower petal are hand sculpted with chocolate and sugar.


The sugar florist is creating a sweet and magical interaction that creates meaning and allows a deeper connection. Whether it is a simple thank you, congratulations, or I love you, we offer a unique and personal gesture to help create an experience that is memorable.


My name is Rebecca Brennan, and I will be here to ride alongside this journey with you. I will be here to help you create memorable experiences through the art of confectionery whether it’s a moment shared with loved ones, a moment created for loved ones, or something created just to celebrate you.

So, Chocolate. It’s an interesting career choice but it usually starts from a candy obsessed child and I didn’t break the mould in this area. My mum was wrong, it wasn’t a phase. I have wanted to be a chef ever since I was 5 and have pushed ever since to get to where I am. I graduate of the Culinary Institute of America with a double degree in Business Management and Pastry Arts and has worked in some of America’s best 5 Star, 5 Diamond properties. 


I found my beautiful little space in the industry by specialising in business management and French Patisserie. As my family has a long generation in sculpture along with my deep-rooted obsession with candy, it was a natural progression toward sugar artistry, chocolate sculpting and molecular gastronomy.

​So much in life is uncertain but I do know that even though we’re all unique, I know that every individual I walk past on the street has a memory that is dear to their heart around confectionary. It might be a memory of buying lollies with the money under the sofa, a sneaky treat from Pop or Nan on holidays or even just a comfort food when life pushed us down.

I am here as The Sugar Florist, using my passion and love for this craft to help you express yourself to the ones who need to hear it.

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